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How to Start A Blog in 2022 and Make Money – A Complete Guide

 How to Start A Blog in 2021 & Make Money

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Are you thinking about How To Start A blog? Well, I know that’s why you are here, don’t worry I will share my simple 10 steps by which you can start your blog without any issues.
First of all, I would like to welcome you to Blogging Community & Congratulate you for choosing this wonderful career. 
Before we start, Can you guess how much you can earn while blogging?
No one can answer this question as it has no limit, But the minimum amount is $100/ month.
Many expert bloggers are earning an average of $10,000/ month.
Popular Indian bloggers like Amit Agrawal, Harsh Agrawal, Pritam Nagrale, and many more are earning more than $20,000/ month. And many other bloggers around the world are earning more than $100,000 per month, you can check out their blogs for their income reports.
So you can easily guess the earning potential of blogging, that’s why I am sharing this article with you all.
Alright, now without wasting any time let’s get into the 10 simple steps, to Start A New Blog.

How to Start a Blog Steps-

  1. Choose a Category/Niche/Topic for Your Blog
  2. Choose a Perfect Blogging Platform
  3. Decide a Perfect Name then Get Domain & Web Hosting for Your Blog
  4. Choose a Suitable Theme/Template For Your Blog
  5. Add Important Pages to Your Blog
  6. Publish 1st Post & More Content on Your Blog
  7. Optimize Your Blog With Some SEO
  8. Create Social Presence
  9. Promote & Drive Traffic to Your Blog
  10. Monetize Your Blog in Different Ways
So, these are the best & simple steps to start a new blog in 2021, Now we will discuss these steps in detail.

1. Choose a Category/Niche/Topic for Your Blog

This the beginning and the most important step before starting a blog. Obviously, firstly you need to decide on which niche you will write about. Selecting a niche is the main step before starting a new blog. 
So, How to Choose a Niche, here I mean to say selecting a profitable niche so that you can generate a passive income too in the future. So, how to select a niche, I will recommend you to choose a niche in which you have a piece of great knowledge or you have experience in it. 
Well, had shared an article on 13+ High CPC Niches For AdSense this will help you in deciding the best profitable niche for your blog
You can choose a niche according to the hobbies in which you are interested. If you are interested in sports then write about your favorite sports, you can share your past experiences, tips & tricks, and how-to guides.
Choose a niche on which you can write 100-150 articles easily every year, and each article must consist of more than 500 words. So that you can provide great content to your users and it also helps in the search rankings of your articles.
So, it completely depends on you, but try to work on a niche in which you have at least some knowledge and which have less competition, if you are new to blogging.

2. Choose Perfect Blogging Platform

After deciding the niche of your blog the second step is to choose the right blogging platform for your blog, this is really important to choose a perfect blogging platform. 
There are hundreds of blogging platforms available on the internet to choose from, both paid and free platforms are available to choose from. If you want to continue with a free one then I will recommend going with, It’s an amazing and completely free blogging platform by Google. In fact, the one on which you are reading this article is also hosted on blogger. 
In blogger, you just need to connect your domain name and it’s ready to go, and if you have good knowledge of HTML then you can customize it very well and make it look professional, and you don’t need to buy anything. But blogger has some restrictions which stop bloggers to use it, but it’s a really great and free platform if you don’t have enough money to invest in blogging, you can easily start your blogging career on blogger and can upgrade according to your growth.
And if you want to go with the paid platform there are many options available, but as per my personal experience and all other successful bloggers all over the world will always recommend using WordPress. As it has many customization options and you can use different plugins to take your site to next level.
So, again its depend on you which you select Paid (WordPress) or Free (Blogger), and you must do proper research and decide which one is good for you.
Ok moving to the third step…

3. Decide a Perfect Name then Choose Domain Name & Hosting for Your Blog.

Till now you had selected your niche and platform.
Now the third step is to decide, a perfect, memorable, and relatable name for your blog, here the name of your blog should directly or indirectly connected to your blog. 
Example – This blog ( name directly shows that it is a blogging-related blog, similarly if you are thinking to start a Technology Blog then in your blog name you must use the word Tech/Techy/Gadgets or any other Technology related word.
But before you decide on a name you also check whether the same domain name is available or not, If the domain name available with (.COM/.NET/.ORG) extension then it’s good to go, but if not then must pick another name for your blog which has an available domain name also. 
After you decide on the name for your blog and it also has a matching domain name available, then you need to buy a perfect web hosting for your blog.
Here if you are starting your blog on a free platform like blogger, then you only need to purchase a Domain Name only, But if you want to use WordPress then you need a Web Hosting Plan for your blog.
Now which will be the Best Web Hosting for my blog?
It seems very difficult to answer as there are hundreds of hosting providers available on the internet, but my go-through answer to this question is always Hostinger & HostArmada.
HostArmada - Affordable Cloud SSD Web Hosting
These two are really good at providing their services, and really great customer support too.
Now let’s move on to the fourth step…

4. Choose Suitable Theme/Template for Your Blog

So, now after getting the best web hosting the fourth step is to apply the best and suitable theme for your blog, this is also an important step as the look of your blog really helps its readers.
I would recommend using a simple theme that is easy to navigate to your readers, you don’t need to make your blog look a very Hi-Fi type by adding lots of animations, images, video, etc. Just keep it simple and to the point, because your readers open your blog just to read the articles they don’t impress by your blog design they just want to read your article.
That’s why don’t think much about your theme just keep it simple that would be great, and the best theme for a WordPress blog I and many other bloggers would recommend is GeneratePress. It is a really amazing theme I personally use it for one of my blogs and this is a really good, simple, lightweight, and responsive theme you can check it out here.
Well, you can do good research on this and select the best suitable theme for your blog.

5. Add Important Pages to Your Blog


Ok, till now you had Installed WordPress and applied an awesome theme to your blog, after that you need to add some important pages which are required to be on your blog.
Yes, you must add these three pages to make your blog look more professional by adding pages like –
About Us
Contact Us 
Privacy Policy
These three pages are must be on your blog as if you need to monetize your blog with Ad Networks then these pages need to be on your blog. 
On the About Us page, you need to write about your blog, like which information the readers will get on your blog, then on the Contact Us page you need to provide your contact details so that people can contact you easily, and on the Privacy Policy page you will add Privacy Policy of your blog, well for this you can use online free privacy policy generator tools to generate a privacy policy for your blog.

6. Publish Your 1st Blog Post and More.


Alright, you had finished the setup of your blog, now you need to add some content (posts/articles) on your blog for your readers. Write what you had decided in the first step, write and post on your blog related to your decided niche.
Try as much helpful and important content you can, but don’t spam by posting irrelevant or useless articles, just post related to your niche and the needs of the people.
Always try to add all the information in your articles that are needed. Do proper research of the topic on which are going to write.

7. Optimize Your Blog With Proper SEO

So you had written some perfect articles and published them on your blog, now the next step is to optimize your blog, here optimizing a blog means doing some On-page SEO of your blog so that you get some free organic traffic.
Yes, nowadays SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes really important for your blog to get more organic traffic as competition is increasing day by day, everyone is trying their best to grab the top position on Google Search Results. 
So it’s become important that you should optimize your blog with proper On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.
Well, doing SEO is not that hard, if you perform some important steps which I had already shared in my On-page SEO article on this blog, you can refer to this Brief On-page SEO Guide which I had shared, I had shared all my experience in this article, do have look at it as these tips are of intermediate as well as of advance level so it will definitely give you some valuable tips to improve the On-site SEO of your blog easily.
After On-page SEO you also need to do some Off-page SEO for better results, in simple words Off-page SEO means optimizations that you perform outside of your blog, like sharing your articles and blog on other sites or social media, creating backlinks, guest posting, and many other things. 

8. Create Social Presence of Your Blog


Till now, you had done all the important steps, now one bonus thing you can do that will really help your blog to grow is making a presence on social media sites.
Believe me, social media will really boost your site and it also creates authority and make your blog look more professional, as these days many peoples are using social media to connect with each other. You can use social media to drive extra traffic to your blog.
So do create social media accounts of your blog with the same username everywhere, like this blog you can find official social media accounts of Blogging Raptor with the same username (@bloggingraptor) everywhere, as the same username makes it easy to find your official account. So do make the proper use of social media.

9. Promote & Drive Traffic to Your Blog

The ninth step is to promote your blog, you had uploaded good content on your blog but it’s not worthy if no one reads it, so promoting your blog is a very important step to get traffic to your blog.
There are many ways both paid & free, through which you can promote your blog.
Free Ways to Promote Your Blog – Organic Traffic, Q&A Sites, Forums, Social Media, Email Marketing, Guest Post, etc.
Paid Ways to Promote Your Blog – Paid Advertisement, Sponsorship, Paid Digital Marketing, etc.
So, promoting your blog is an important step, now let’s jump into the last 10th step which is the main & the reason you are starting blogging.

10. Monetize Your Blog


So, you had done all the above-mentioned steps now the last step to monetizing your blog, means to make passive income from your blog. You are driving thousands of users to your blog every day that’s cool but it becomes cooler if you make some bucks with it too.
There are many ways which you can use to monetize your blog, some mostly used are listed below –
  • Google AdSense
  • Sponsored Advertisement
  • Sponsored Guest Post
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Digital Products like E-Books
  • Sell Digital Services (Freelancing)
  • Promoting Coupon Codes
These were some ways to monetize your blog, there are several more ways but these are the most used and common ways to monetize your blog.

Alright if you are still reading this then first of all I would like to congratulate you on your new blog, now you are able to start your new blog easily by following these steps without any problems, and if you have any doubt related to it then do comment below I will try to answer it as soon as possible.
I wish you definitely get success in the coming future, and you will be able to make a passive income with the help of this article. 

So, I hope this article helped you to make any decisions regarding How To Start a Blogif you liked and found this helpful then do share it with your friends so that they also get benefit from it.


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