What is Digital Marketing – How to Start and Benefits of Digital Marketing

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By Shrey Kajaria

What is Digital Marketing – How to Start and Benefits of Digital Marketing?

In this article, I will share what is digital marketing, how to start, and what are the benefits of digital marketing.

The word digital marketing is being heard more in the last few years, today’s era has become completely digital and at this time if you do not know what digital marketing is, then you are far behind.

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Digital Marketing


If you do not keep up with the changing era, then your success is reduced to a great extent.

Now, it’s not the time to go from place to place to promote your product or services, it will cost you both time and money and it will be almost impossible to reach more and more people.

In such a situation, the best option is “Digital Marketing”, with this any company can reach the target audience very easily. A few years ago, advertisements were mostly printed on TV, Radio, or newspaper because there was a large crowd of people.

The advertising company used to make more profit from this, but now more and more people are on the Internet and social media. That’s why today everyone wants to know about Digital Marketing because with this you can earn money from it.

That’s why I thought why not convey this information to you people,. So here first let’s see what is digital marketing?




What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is made up of two words, “Digital” and “Marketing” Here digital means to reach people with the help of the internet and marketing means to reach your product to the people, this whole means increase and grow your products or services with the help of internet.


What is Digital Marketer?

Companies talk to some peoples on social media and ask them to sell their product or service, which we usually call Digital Marketers, and these peoples are given money in return.

Here companies also have to see what people are liking, seeing what they are attracted to, and to do such digital campaigns, they take the help of social media, mobile app, podcast, email, etc.

With the passage of time, now businesses have also come online because now most of the people are easily found online or on the internet and they can easily reach whatever they need. Because if you do not go to the right audience, you will not get success, and this thing can be done very easily by Digital Marketing.

Google Search, Email, Blog, Social Media are being used the most in Digital Marketing Business. 


Different Types of Digital Marketing?

Although there are many types of Digital Marketing, in this post we will discuss some very important types and major types which are most effective and mostly used by big Digital Marketers all over the world, because this can increase your business in many folds. So today you should understand this very well.


– Social Media Marketing

Now almost all people use social media and this is the best and easiest way to promote any service or product, you just have to hire someone who has a lot of audiences and he will bring your product to the right people.

Even if you do not want to hire anyone, you can also do Paid Promotion, which means that by just investing some money, that product will reach the people easily, this type of marketing is called SMM (Social Media Marketing). The best examples of this are – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.


– Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), you do some search on google and then you are shown some ads related to what you have searched, which is called Search Engine Marketing. This is a paid way with the help of which we can create an ad for our product and show it to those who need it.

Some people also take the help of a website, blog, or mobile app to do this. The best way to promote anything online, which is called PPC (Pay Per Click).

In this, the amount that has been paid according to the number of clicks, with the help of this, the target audience can be reached easily.




– Affiliate Marketing

This is the most important famous and most effective way of any digital marketing when a company brings its product to the market, its focus is on it so that more and more people know about our product, so such companies give a certain amount of commission to those people who promote company’s products.

The commission is given according to the amount of traffic converted. And this is what almost all companies do in the beginning and give money to those who promote their products.

This is the most effective and efficient way to promote your product because companies pay commission to their promoters when they bring any sale, if promoter (Affiliate Marketer) bring a sale he/she gets the commission, but if he/she won’t able to bring any sale then companies didn’t need to pay any commission to them.

– E-Mail Marketing

It’s also a very important part of digital marketing and it is mostly used to generate business leads. This is also a paid way, it also has a freeway but we can’t able to reach more customers with it.

What is Email Marketing?

Many big companies spend thousands of dollars just to reach the people because this is the best way of personalized promotion. With the help of this, any person’s problem can be reached easily and there is a possibility that he will buy your product too.

So, these were some most commonly used and best ways of Digital Marketing. Now we will discuss some benefits of Digital Marketing.




Benefits of Digital Marketing / Why is Digital Marketing important?

  • The biggest advantage of Digital Marketing is that we reach more customers very easily in less time and can get a high conversion rate which is very important for any business.
  • In the first few years, if you told someone about the product, then we did not know whether he would buy or not, but now we can also track this, and Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Growth of our business can easily see. And through demographic, funnel visualization, goals settings, etc.
  • We can target the right customers with the help of digital marketing and able to bring more sales to our product.

Now after reading till now you might be thinking and get to know that How much useful is Digital Marketing in this fast-growing world, and you might also think that How to start digital marketing? Well you don’t need to worry about that because next were are going to discuss the same, So let’s get started.

How to start Digital Marketing Business?

Well, you can do digital marketing in many ways, as I already told you some ways, but nowadays one method is becoming the most famous that is, Creating your our website and providing services, because it is very easy and there are not many problems in it. All you have to do is create a website and start working.

But if you want to do this business where you can sell services to customers, then first you have to take few years of experience because to start any company, it is very important to have knowledge about Project Management, Client Management, Business Model, etc. It is necessary.

Many people take online or offline courses of digital marketing and start their own company, now because they do not have any experience, companies will not give you any project and gradually the company will be closed, so do not rush into it, first. Give few years to learn, then if you do something, your chances of being successful increase.

  • Understand everything closely because there are many people behind you who are working harder than you to get behind you.
  • Understand how clients are managed.
  • Get information about how the company will be registered.
  • Understand how projects are received.
  • Creating your portfolio on a site like Upwork can help you a lot.
  • How to make a team This is the structure of the foundation for any company because if the team is good then the growth of the company will automatically increase.
  • Give time to the growth of the company and understand it closely
Final Words
So, this was a short article on Digital Marketing, I hope you understand how it works, what is it, and how to do digital marketing. So, last I would like to say that if you really want to grow and expand your company or business then you should definitely try Digital Marketing because nowadays almost every people is using social media in their daily life.
So, it becomes very easy to target the right audience in the right way.



I hope this article helped you to make any decisions regarding Digital Marketing,

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