How to Increase Website Traffic for Making More Sales


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By Shrey Kajaria

Traffic generation has been a major problem for most internet marketers because there is always a need to drive more visitors to their website. 


Also note that if you don’t have an autoresponder on your website, your website traffic will never grow. 


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You should also include a tell a friend script on your website and use it to increase your visitors. This is called viral marketing, this way when someone visits your website and likes your article or content, he or she can use this tool to send your blog link to his or her friend. 


You don’t always need money to get traffic to your website as you can get a good amount of traffic for free with little effort.


Below are some tips that can help you to increase traffic to your website.


Article Marketing:


Article marketing is still very effective and is one of the best traffic generation methods because search engines love it. 


If you write and submit quality articles to article directories with your blog link in the resource box. Use hosting providers such as Bluehost or A2 hosting. Check out the turbo plans of A2 hosting that offers 20X more speed.


You will get traffic to your site from the readers of your article, also people will also use your article on their websites or blogs with your resource box intact, this also will drive more visitors to your blog. 


A major advantage of article marketing is that you will continue to get traffic from all your articles for life.



Social Media Marketing:


Using social media is an increasingly popular method for generating targeted traffic for free. 


Social networking sites like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and a host of others are not only excellent platforms to market your business, they are also an outstanding source for generating free traffic. 


If you’re not using social media to market your online business, you are leaving money on the table.


Video Marketing:


One of the most effective methods for generating free targeted traffic is using online video. 


YouTube is one of the largest and more popular websites on the internet. It is also becoming one of the most used search engines that people are using to find information about products and services. 


Videos also rank much higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing than traditional web pages. 


Even a simple video with a link back to your business website can generate an avalanche of targeted traffic for free.



Create Content Rich in Keywords:


One good way to get traffic or, specifically, to increase search engine traffic is to make use of keyword optimization. Keywords get free traffic to your website by search engines to categorize and rank-order sites. 


These keywords are often placed in the general description of the content of your website and help you get traffic from search engines. 


Typing a keyword in search engines brings up a rank-ordered list of websites and gets traffic to your website when selected. 


You should write or acquire articles that contain the keywords that you are targeting for your website. Use tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs to increase your online visibility. Here is a detailed comparison – Semrush vs Ahrefs.


Use the various keyword selection tools such as Google’s keyword tool to help you find keywords and keyword phrases to target to get more traffic to your website. 



Be careful using article spinners as some might please the search engines but make a fool of you when the people actually read your content. 


Give people what they want – readable informative content so they like what they read and come back for more.





One of the most powerful traffic generation methods is backlinking, this happens when you contact a website or a blog owner to add a link to your website on his or her website and you in turn do the same. 


Do this with websites that are related to yours, you can really get free traffic from backlinking, this way you both are benefiting from each other and if you do it with a website with a high search rank, your own rank will automatically increase. 


You can backlink with many high-traffic websites for more free traffic.

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Blog Commenting and Forum marketing:


Posting in topic-related forums is another excellent resource that can be used to generate targeted traffic and links back to your business website. 


These links are typically included as a part of your signature file in the profile you create in the forum. 


By interacting with other forum members and posting helpful content, your reputation and the reputation of your business grow in the forum community.


Another method for driving free targeted traffic to your online business website is posting comments on related blogs. 


Many blogs offer do-follow links that allow you to include a link to your website whenever you comment on a post. 


Avoid making generic comments that do little more than take up space and could be applied to any number of topics. Be as specific and as helpful as possible. 


This will help to get your comment approved by the blog administrator and increase your chances of their including the link back to your own website.



Take Advantage of Blogging Communities


With more and more people joining blogging communities, you can now have the excellent opportunity to take advantage of them to get more traffic to your own website.


Bloggers are currently the biggest such communities, enabling participants to get the best kind of traffic since all of the other users are capable of linking directly to you.



On top of getting traffic to your own website from other bloggers, you will also end up getting traffic from the visitors who will also link to you.


When joining a blogging community, don’t forget that interaction is the key to exposure. Find other bloggers in your niche and comment and vote on their profiles. Most of the time they will return the favor, and you will end up getting a lot of exposure.




Don’t forget that getting thousands of people to visit your website will not happen overnight. 


You will probably have to wait several months before the methods above will start working for you, which is why you must be patient and keep working on your content and social media marketing strategies to maximize traffic potential.




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