19+ High CPC Niches for Blogging, YouTube, and Adsense 2024


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By Shrey Kajaria

Are you looking for high CPC niches for Adsense or high CPC niches for YouTube or best Adsense niches, If you are looking for the top paying highest AdSense or YouTube niches, then don’t worry.

I’m going to share the top high CPC niches on which you can create an article on your blog or a video on your YouTube channel.

If you have created a blog or you are willing to start a new blog, but you are stuck in finding the best niche that gives you high CPC, and which gives you more income, then here are some Highest Paying AdSense niches.ย 

Also, If you are looking for a high CPC niche for blogging or YouTube niches with high CPM, then these niches will really help you to increase Adsense earnings.

Google AdSense or any other Ad network shows Ads according to the niche or the content of your website, The CPC (Cost Per Click) of Adsense is different for different niches, and it also differs from country to country.ย 

For example, high-tier countries have high CPC in comparison to low ones. So, it also depends on which countries you are targeting.

But, these are some niches that will help you to increase AdSense earnings in almost all countries. Now let’s get into the niches.

High CPC Adsense Niches or High CPM YouTube Niches


No doubt that Insurance is one of the highest-paying niches because Insurance Companies pay more and more for advertisements to get the most conversions. 

The average CPC that advertisers pay on insurance ads is more than $17 in high-tier countries like the US, UK, Canada, and more, So you can guess how much you can earn on the insurance niche.

Insurance comes under one of the high paying adsense keywords, if you have any keyword research tool you can definitely check it out.

As insurance plans are purchased for a longer period and the customers pay the insurance amount repeatedly. So, companies pay high CPC on Insurance Keywords.

Health & Fitness

Nowadays, people are giving more and more focus on their health & fitness, as a result, the companies and brands in this category pay more on Ads to bring more sales to their products, and advertisers pay an average of $16 on ads.

So, Health & Fitness can also be a high CPC YouTube niche for you.

Make Money Online

Make Money Online is also one of the highest-paying YouTube niches. In this fast-growing world, people are trying to find different ways to make money online.

Especially, after the pandemic of 2020, many people are trying to make passive income online, and to do this hundreds of people search for different ways to make money online. So, advertisers are paying high for this niche too.

And, you as a creator don’t miss this opportunity as it is one of the high CPC niches.



No doubt, that people are getting used to it. Because people are buying more and more gadgets to make their life easy. 

Technology is getting wider day by day, and it’s obvious that technology companies are paying more to Google as well as other Ad networks to boost their brand. So, this is a really good opportunity for us as YouTubers or bloggers, who earn major income from Google AdSense.ย 


Everyone loves traveling, and traveling companies and agencies make a lot of money from it, and the profit margin of these companies is very high, and they can make a good amount of money from a single customer.

After Instagram’s reel feature, reel creators and YouTube creators got a very wide audience and a lot of followers too.

People interact and follow these creators very much, and also purchase products/services which these creators use or promote.

That’s why these companies spend a lot of money on advertising to grab more customers and conversions. This niche has an average CPC of $10, So this can be a very profitable niche for you.


As we know luxury vehicles cost lakhs of dollars, and even a single body part of a vehicle costs very high, and there is also great competition between manufacturers, So to beat the competitors they pay high CPC to Ad networks to increase their brand awareness and reach.ย 

So, this can be one of the best AdSense niches for you to earn more from AdSense.

Stock Market

Everyone wants to increase their wealth. Stockbrokers and companies try to get those customers who have an interest in the stock market so to target those customers who spend a huge amount on advertising. That’s why this can be a highly profitable Adsense niche for your blog.

Even if you are from India and looking for high CPC keywords in India, then stock market can be a great option for you.

Also, you can target specific company name keywords, as advertisers bid more on specific names of the companies, so you can create videos or blog posts on these high CPC keywords for YouTube as well as for blogs.

Blogging & SEO

You are reading this article on a blog, in fact, you will choose some niches from this list in your blog too, and you might already know the potential of blogging. 

As I said earlier people are looking for different ways to make money online and many of them choose to blog as a career (I’m too one of them), So you can start a blog or YouTube channel where you can give suggestions and guidance to newbie bloggers.

And you also know that Web Hosting and SEO Tool companies pay lots of money on advertising, as single plans cost more than $50 per month. So this can be a great and profitable high CPC niche.

Forex Exchange

In Foreign Exchange, people are investing lots of money in trading, while many people want to invest, but they don’t know how to do that as they don’t have proper knowledge about the market.ย 

Forex exchange is one of the highest paying YouTube niches, if you work in this niche you can make a good amount with YouTube Ads too.

That’s why they give their money to brokers who have proper knowledge about it, Here many brokers spend a lot of money on advertising, to get potential clients. 

You gotta a good YouTube or blog niche with a high CPC that you can target and generate good ad revenue from Adsense, so you can create videos or blog posts on these high CPC keywords for YouTube as well as for blogs.

Web and App Development

People started taking their business online and they started new Blogs or eCommerce stores for their products to grow their business, you might have heard the quote “The First Impression Is The Last Impression”.ย 

They want their websites to be perfect and easy to navigate for their users, but they don’t know how to create a website, so they search for website developers on the internet and hire them.ย 

Many Websites and App Developers run ads on Google to get those clients, as you know creating a website is time-consuming and requires money for hosting, so website developers earn good profits with a single client.ย 

So you can create content related to it and increase your Adsense revenue too.


Everyone wants a good lawyer for their legal or court-related work, similarly, a lawyer also wants a good client who pays him good fees for his work.

And, many lawyers especially lawyer firms run many Ads on specific keywords to get more clients, believe me, this company and law firm pays an average of 100$ CPC too in countries like the USA.

Law and Attorney have some high CPC keywords for blogs, which may be up to $200 or sometimes $400.

So, you can target these high CPC keywords and use them in your content to increase your Adsense CPC.

Electric Vehicles/EV

There’s no doubt that fuel is going to end in the future, and electric vehicles like cars, bikes, buses, etc. will surely replace it all over the world.

And most electric vehicles are costly in comparison to normal petrol or diesel vehicles, also the parts of EVs are expensive, and the maintenance charges are also high.

So the EV manufacturers spend a great amount of money on advertisements and that makes it a high CPC niche.

I would like to aware you that this is a futuristic niche also, especially in developing countries like India where people are still not relying on EVs.

That’s why it’s a great opportunity for you as a Blogger or YouTuber to start a blog or channel related to EVs as this industry will surely gonna boom shortly.

Artificial Intelligence [AI]

Artificial intelligence can also be a profitable niche for you, as people are getting lazier day by day, and as you know in the future man’s work will be replaced by AI Robots.

Even the blogging industry slowly moving towards AI content writing software as it can generate quality and lengthy articles in a few seconds and clicks.

The technology industry is spending thousands of dollars on their experiments and tests, and to recover this expenditure they will charge high prices for these AI robots or other products.

As per some reports AI slowly becoming one of the highest paying niches on YouTube, if you work in this niche you can make a good amount with YouTube Ads too.

And to target the right audience they will also spend a huge amount of money on advertisements too. So as a digital creator, you have a great opportunity to earn a decent amount with this niche.

Beauty & Fashion

Alright, nowadays people are really very conscious about their looks and fashion, So they invest in beauty and fashion-related products, that’s why beauty and fashion brands also spend huge on their Ad campaigns, to bring more sales to their products.

Both men and women, especially, women can create a YouTube channel where they can share beauty vlogs and makeup tutorial videos, and get high CPM on the YouTube channels.

After getting a decent amount of subscribers, brands contact you for paid promotions and sponsorships, so you can make extra money by promoting those beauty products.

So, Beauty & Fashion can be a profitable niche for your blog.


People are now investing more in cryptocurrency, after the boom period of Bitcoin and Dogecoin people are going crazy to invest in cryptocurrency, and same as Forex the Crypto experts and brokers want to get more clients to earn more commission and profits.

So, brokers pay a lot of money in Ads to get more leads, that’s why this can be a profitable and high CPC niche too.


Many people love gardening, and they buy many tools & products related to it, which are really expensive and generate great profits for gardening brands, So CPC on the gardening tool and product Ads are high.

So, you can create a YouTube channel on gardening as it is one of the high CPM niches for YouTube.




The big OTT (Over The Top) companies and other entertainment companies invest a lot in advertising, as everyone needs entertainment in their life, these companies sell their subscription plans, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. 

These companies generate a lot of money from their customers repeatedly (e.g – NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, and many more.)

So, this can be a high CPC Adsense niche to work on.

Animal Care &Training

Now talking about animal training and care, these days many people love to have pets, and they spend money on their training and care. 

Especially dogs, people adopt dogs and take very good care of them, spending a lot of money on their training and food, and this costsa very much.ย 

As a result, dog food manufacturer spends a good amount on advertising too, and that makes it a high CPC Adsense niche.


Alright, last be not least, we are talking about advertising, right? So why not work on this niche? As we discussed earlier brands pay a huge amount of money to Ad networks for advertising, So it’s obvious that these Ad networks also earn a lot with their clients.

As a result, the Ad networks also spend a good amount of money on their own advertising to promote their business and get more profitable clients. So, this niche can also be a profitable niche for you to work on. 


Always remember that Adsense CPC and CPM depend on the country from which you are getting traffic and the keywords present in your content.

That means you always need to target a high-tier country and High CPC keywords. To check the CPC of a keyword you can use this Free CPC Checker Tool and if you want to get a list of high CPC keywords then do check out this high CPC keyword list.ย 



So, I hope this article helped you to make any decisions regarding High CPC AdSense Niches, if you liked and found this helpful then do share it with your blogger’s friends so that they also benefit from it.

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