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By Shrey Kajaria

Best WordPress Caching Plugin, If you are looking for some Best and free WordPress Caching Plugins to boost the load speed of your website or blog then you are at the right place because in this guide I will share the 7 Best WordPress Caching Plugins with you all.


What is Cache?

A cache is a repository that stores temporary data to help websites, browsers, and applications load faster. Whether it’s a computer, laptop, or phone, web browser, or app, you’ll find a variety of repositories. Cache makes it easy to quickly retrieve data, which also helps devices to run faster.
Cache solves this problem by processing frequently requested data and storing it in temporary storage or memory. This allows computers to quickly access that file.
The same concept of temporary storage can also be used by WordPress websites to improve performance and make your website upload faster.
Alright now let’s check out those WordPress Caching Plugins one by one.

1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache (W3TC) enhances the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance and reducing upload times by incorporating features such as content delivery (CDN) integration and the latest best practices.
W3TC is the only web-based web agnostic Web Performance Optimization (WPO) framework that has been trusted by millions of publishers, web developers, and webmasters worldwide for more than a decade. It is a complete working solution for improving your WordPress Website.
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W3 Total Cache

Benefits Of W3 Total Cache – 

  • Search engine optimization page rankings, especially for easy-to-use websites and sites that use SSL.
  • At least 10x improvements to overall site performance (Grade A in Web page reviews or significant improvements to Google Page) when fully suspended.
  • Improved conversion rate and “site performance” affect the quality of your site on Google.com
  • Duplicate “Instant” page views: browser saving.
  • Continuous delivery provided: pages start to be delivered quickly and can contact you very quickly.
  • Reduced page loading time: extended visitor site time; visitors browse multiple pages.
  • Improved web server performance; maintain high traffic times.
  • Up to 80% save bandwidth when creating HTML, enriching CSS, and reducing JS files.
If you have any trouble in setting up W3 Total Cache then here is a complete guide on How to Install W3 Total Cache Plugin in WordPress. Now let’s move on to our 2nd plugin.

2. WP Smush

Customize images, unload lazy load, resize, compress and improve your Google page speed with a powerful WordPress image Smusher with 100%.
And whether you spell it ‘do it well’ or ‘improve it’, Smush will compress the images without any noticeable decrease in quality.
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WP Smush
Image optimization is an easy way to make uploading your site much faster!
Smush is branded and tested number one for speed and quality. It is also an award-winning, guaranteed back-to-back photo editor & WordPress compression plugin.
Missing Compression – Unused data and compress images without affecting image quality.
Lazy upload – Delete screenshots with flip switch.
Bulk Smush – Prepare and compress up to 50 images with a single click.
Making Image Size – Set the width and maximum length and large images will decrease as they are pressed.
Image Size Detection – Quickly find images that delay your site.
Directory Smush – Prepare images even if they are not in the library.
Automatic operation – Automatically integrate your fast-paced attachments for uploads.
Without monthly restrictions – Customize all your photos up to 5MB in size, free forever (no daily, monthly, or annual hats).
Gutenberg Block Integration – View all Smush stats directly into image blocks.
Multisite Compatible – Provides global and individual Multisite settings.

3. WP Super Cache

This plugin generates HTML files standing on your dynamic WordPress blog. Once the HTML file is installed your webserver will process that file instead of processing the heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.
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WP Super Cache
Static HTML files will be provided to most of your users:
Non-logged-in users.
Users who have not left a comment on your blog.
Or users who have not viewed password-protected posts.
99% of your visitors will be provided with static HTML files. One archive file can be exported thousands of times. Other guests will be provided with customized files that match their visit. If they are logged in or have left comments, the information will be displayed and stored for them.
If you have any trouble in setting up WP Super Cache then here is a complete guide on How to Install WP Super Cache Plugin in WordPress. Now let’s move on to our 4th plugin.

4. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize is an innovative, all-in-one WordPress plugin that cleans your database, compresses your images and archives for your site.
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Our cache feature is built next to the world’s fastest backup engine. This simple, popular and highly effective tool has everything you need to keep your website up and running.
Benefits Of WP-Optimize
  • It removes all unnecessary data (such as – garbage / disallowed / spam comments, static data) and hints, retranslation, and expired temporary options.
  • Compact / de-fragment tables MySQL tables by pressing a button.
  • Detailed control over what you wish to do.
  • Performed automatic cleaning weekly (or otherwise).
  • Maintains a set number of weekly data during cleaning.
  • Make use of it without the need to do manual questions.
  • Automatically start backup pre-configured with UpdraftPlus.
  • Show database statistics and potential savings.
If you have any trouble in setting up WP-Optimize then here is a complete guide on How to Install WP-Optimize Plugin in WordPress. Now let’s move on to our 5th plugin.

5. Autoptimize

Autoptimize exercise makes adding your space much easier. It can compose, extract and store text and styles, add CSS to the title of the page automatically but can also direct delicate CSS and resize full CSS, moving and rewinding text and minimizing HTML
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You can configure and upload images (with support for WebP and AVIF formats), customize Google fonts, sync uncompressed JavaScript, remove WordPress core emoji cruft, and more. It can therefore improve the performance of your site even if it is already in HTTP / 2! There is a comprehensive API available to enable you to Autoptimize according to the specific needs of each site.
If you have any trouble in setting up Autoptimize then here is a complete guide on How to Install Autoptimize Plugin in WordPress. Now let’s move on to our 6th plugin.

6.WP Fastest Cache

When the page is extracted, PHP and MySQL are used. Therefore, the system requires RAM and CPU.
When more visitors come to the site, the system uses more RAM and CPU so the page is given less. In this case, you need a cache system to not turn the page over and over again. The archive system generates a static HTML file and saves it. Some users have access to the static HTML page.
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WP Fastest Cache
In addition, site speeds are used in Google’s search algorithm so that cache plugins can improve your page load time and improve your SEO.
Setting up this plugin is very easy.

Features/Benefits of WP Fastest Cache-

  • Mod_Rewrite which is the fastest method used in this plugin
  • All cache files are deleted when a post or page is published
  • An administrator can delete all cached files on the options page
  • An administrator can delete CSS files and JS displayed on the options page
  • Block cache of a particular page or post with a shortcode
  • Cache Expiration – All cached files are deleted at a specified time
  • Timeout Storage of specific pages
  • Enable/disable the mobile device cache option
  • Enable/disable the cache option for logged-in users
  • SSL support
  • CDN support
  • Cloudflare support
  • Preload Cache – Create an entire repository of the site
  • Do not include pages with user-agents
  • WP-CLI cache deletion

7. WP Super Minify

This plugin includes, clean, and archives embedded JavaScript and CSS files when required to speed up page loading, using the Minify PHP Framework.
By enabling this plugin, you will see your HTML source, inline JavaScript, and CSS now pressed. The size will be smaller and will greatly help improve your page load speed and google page speed and slow range (if you care).
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WP Super Minify
To check if this plugin is working properly, simply check your site source or press Ctrl + U from your keyboard.
Well, this was a short article on Best WordPress Caching Plugins which are free some of these plugins also have paid versions too but you can use the free version to boost your site speed easily.
I hope this article was helpful to you, if you liked and found this helpful then do share it with your bloggers and web developer friends so that they also get benefit from it.
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