Best Affiliate Marketing Niches for Beginners To Earn Passive Income Online

Alright, If you are looking for Best Affiliate Marketing Niches, then your search is over as in this particular article we will talk about Best Affiliate Niches which will help you in deciding the best and profitable affiliate marketing niche for yourself.

So, you decided to start a new blog on affiliate marketing and earn passive income online.
Best Affiliate Marketing Niches for Beginners To Earn Passive Income Online, affiliate marketing,
First of all, let me congratulate you on starting a new blog, and welcome to the blogger’s community. This might be the start of something big.¬†
So, All The Very Best!
Okay, now let’s first talk about what is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? And How it Works?

Affiliate Marketing is a way for you to generate income through the work of sharing, recommending, and promoting the products or services of other people or companies. Basically, when you help another company successfully sell a product, you get paid a commission for that work. There are several forms of commissioning, but the concept is similar in all of them, that is, you promote something in exchange for a share of the value of that generated sale.
I hope you get an idea about what is affiliate marketing and how it works?
Well, I won’t cover this topic in detail as I already shared¬†A Complete Guide on Affiliate Marketing – What is Affiliate Marketing and How to do it?.
I had shared each and everything in detail in my Affiliate Marketing Guide. You can check it out after this article. As in this article, we will talk about Best Affiliate Marketing Niches.
So, without any further talks let’s get started and see all the profitable affiliate marketing niches.

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches –¬†

  1. E-Commerce Affiliate Program
  2. Web Hosting Affiliate Program
  3. Email Marketing Affiliate Program
  4. VPN Affiliate Program
  5. Educational Affiliate Program
  6. Gaming Affiliate Program
  7. Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program
  8. Stock Market Affiliate Program
  9. SAAS Affiliate Program
I know there are many more niches but as I said we will talk about the best profitable niche only, and these are the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing right now and will be in the future.

E-Commerce Affiliate Programs

In E-Commerce Affiliate Marketing, you don’t need to invest, you don’t need to buy the products. You use other people’s designed products efficiently and win. You don’t have to worry about building an office or place of work. Your home can simply be your cozy workplace.¬†
Every business stat is fully traceable. Have you ever heard the news that an individual has suddenly become a millionaire? Most days, success stories are being carved out by e-commerce affiliate marketing. You can earn from 1% to 10% for every sale through your affiliate links.
Here are my Top 5 E-commerce affiliate programs-
Amazon Associates
Flipkart (For Indians)
eBay Partner Program
CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Web Hosting Affiliate programs are also great and profitable, as people want their business to get online, for that they need websites and for a website, they need good web hosting services. So, you can promote the web hosting to the right audience and make huge profits with it.
You can earn an average of 50$ just from one sale through your affiliate link and it increases up if you bring more sales to the company in a single month, many companies pay even up to 200$ per sale.
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HostArmada Affiliate Program
Here are my Top 5 Web Hosting affiliate programs-
HOSTINGER Affiliate Program
A2 Hosting 

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Email Marketing Affiliate programs can also be a great revenue source for you, as many email affiliate programs share from 15% to 33% of recurring revenue with their affiliates for a lifetime as long as your referred customers use their services. 
GetResponse Affiliate Program, getresponse,
GetResponse Affiliate Program


Here are my Top 5 Email Marketing affiliate programs-
Mailer Lite

VPN Affiliate Programs

VPN Affiliate Programs are also very profitable, nowadays everyone needs privacy while they are using an app or browsing online, for that they find the best VPN services to use and you can suggest the best VPN services to them. And the commission rates of VPN services are really high, the VPN companies provide commissions to their affiliates in different tiers.
For example– The Nord VPN Commission payout model.
Nord VPN Affiliate Commission Payout Model, nord vpn , nord, vpn services,
Nord VPN Affiliate Commission Payout Model


You can easily see the earning potential in VPN affiliate programs.
Here are my Top VPN affiliate programs-
Nord VPN
Express VPN
Pure VPN
SurfShark VPN
Proton VPN

Educational Affiliate Programs

Same like other affiliate niches, Education Affiliate programs are also a great option for you, now in this digital world, everyone wants to do everything just sitting at home even studying, nowadays there are many websites which provide digital courses, even they give certificates if you complete a course on their platform.
So, you can start an educational blog in which you can share about these educational platforms. Coursera offers up to 45% commission to their affiliate partners.
Coursera Affiliate Program Commission, coursera,
Coursera Affiliate Program Commission


Here are my Top 5 Educational affiliate programs-

Gaming Affiliate Programs

The gaming community is growing very fastly, seeing gamers earning on YouTube, Twitch, and other live streaming platforms, many people started playing games. 
For that, they need good devices, and other gadgets to play games smoothly. So they buy those things from e-commerce stores. And the commission margins are from 5% to 10% even up to 20% in some cases, and the pricing of these gaming devices is very high.
So you can generate a good amount every month with few sales only.
Here are my Top 5 Gaming affiliate programs-
Amazon & Flipkart (India)
Dell/ Alienware Affliate Program
Logitech Affiliate Program
Corsair Affiliate Program
Nvidia Affiliate Program

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

What to say about cryptocurrency, you might have heard about Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Many people are crazy about that even me, I also had invested in crypto from 2018 to 2020, and I will start investing in it again in some time. 
People who don’t know much about crypto are looking for wallets and exchanges to trade and invest in crypto, here you can create a blog and share articles on cryptocurrency like news, best crypto-wallets & exchanges, introducing new crypto currencies, etc.
Many crypto exchanges give up to 50% commission to their affiliate, and many offer recurring commissions too.
Binance Affiliate Program, binance,
Binance Affiliate Program

You can see the earning potential in Crypto affiliate programs.

Here are my Top 5 Cryptocurrency affiliate programs-

Stock Market Affiliate Programs

Previously we discussed crypto affiliate programs, similarly people are joining stock markets too, and stock market is even bigger field in comprision to crypto.
New people who don’t know which platform is better for trading in stocks they research on Google and other search engines about best stock exchange platforms to do some trading and earn money.
You can create a blog on stock market not only stock market, as trading in cryptocurrency and stocks are similar, so you can create a blog and cover both of these topics together, and share your experiences and earn good money through Stock Market Affiliate Programs as well as Crypto.
Upstox Refer & Earn Program, upstox, upstox affiliate program,
Upstox Refer & Earn Program
Well stock market affiliate programs are work as refer and earn system you get fix commission rates per qualified refer as you can see in the above image.
Here are my Top 5 Stock market affiliate programs-
Angel Broking

SAAS Affiliate Programs

We people in daily life use a SAAS tools & services, but many people don’t know what is it, Full form of SAAS business is Software As A Service.
In this business the companies has a software, a tool or a service, which they host a website and allow people to use it, and in return they pay premiums to the company. 
You might have used Canva (a graphic desiging tool) which is a great example of succesful SAAS business.
These SAAS companies also have their affiliate programs to promote their business, many of them share 20% to 50% commissiion to their affiliate and many of them share fixed amount too.
You might have heard about SEMrush, a SEO, Social media and competitive research tool, which is also a great example of SAAS business.
It offer 10$ to it’s affiliate just for a free trial sign up, means if some one just join SEMrush’s free 7 days trail program you will get 10$ for that only, and if they purchase a premium plan then you can earn 200$ per client, if anyone just sign up and create a norma account on SEMrush through your affiliate link then you will earn 0.01$ for that.
SEMrush Affiliate Program, semrush,
SEMrush Affiliate Program


As you can see on the above images the earning potential in SEMrush Affilaite Program.
Here are my Top 5 SAAS affiliate programs-
So these where some best affiliate marketing niches on which you can start a new blog, and make a passive income every month.
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