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7+ Free to Use Ahrefs Tools – Grow Your Search Traffic

 Free Ahrefs Tools – Grow Your Search Traffic

How to use Ahrefs for free? – I know many of us and new bloggers always think that if we get Free SEO Tools to use then it will be very helpful to grow your organic traffic.
You already know about Ahrefs, as it is one of the leading SEO tools providers all over the globe, But as we know that Ahrefs provide paid SEO tools for their users. But they also have some free SEO tools.
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Many bloggers already know about it, but many new bloggers out there, who don’t know that Ahrefs has some free tools to use for unlimited time.
But make sure you don’t opt for the “TRY FOR FREE” option otherwise you will need to sign up for their 7 Day Trial for $7. So, just go to that particular tool page and use it for free.
Now, let’s get into that list.

List Of Free Ahrefs Tools –

  1. Backlink Checker
  2. Free Keyword Generator
  3. Website Authority Checker
  4. Broken Link Checker
  5. SERP Checker
  6. Keyword Rank Checker
  7. Keyword Difficulty Checker
  8. Website Checker
So, these are some free SEO tools by Ahrefs, Now let’s read about all of them one by one.
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1. Backlink Checker

This tool will help you to check any website, URL, or subsection to see actionable and insightful SEO metrics.
This tool shares – Number of referring domains, Number of backlinks, Domain Rating (DR), URL Rating (UR), and Ahrefs rank with a limited number of results as it is a trial version, but it is really helpful to check from which sites and domains your competitor getting backlinks.
Visit/Use this Free Backlink Checker Tool by Ahrefs (click here)

2. Free Keyword Generator

This particular tool will help to generate & find relevant keywords to your searched query and it will also give KD (Keyword Difficulty), search volume & the last updated time of that keyword.
I personally use it and it’s really amazing!
The free keyword generator by Ahrefs not only generates keywords for Google, but it also gives options to generate keywords for Bing, Amazon, and YouTube.
So, with the help of this tool, you can also find some good keywords for your YouTube channel which will be really helpful to grow your Youtube channel, and also increase conversions on your Amazon store.
Visit/Use this Free Keyword Generator Tool (click here)

3. Website Authority Checker

With the help of this tool, you will be able to check the Domain Rating/Domain Authority of your or any other website.
How they calculate this metric in simple terms:
  • Look at how many unique domains link to the target website;
  • Look at the “authority” of those linking domains;
  • Take into account how many unique domains each of those sites link to;
  • Apply some math and coding magic to calculate “raw” DR scores;
  • Plot these scores on a 100-point scale.
Visit/Use this Free Website Authority Checker Tool by Ahrefs (click here)

4. Broken Link Checker

Well, this is a really amazing tool for you, as it will give you the list of the broken link of any website.
You just need to paste the URL of that website and it will give you the list of broken links on that particular site or page.
With the help of this, you can get some backlinks to your site by contacting that site owner, which will be really helpful for your site DA and its search rankings.
It will also help to improve your site if your site has a dead link/broken link. So that you can delete or edit that link for a better user experience.
Visit/Use this Free Broken Link Checker Tool by Ahrefs (click here)

5. SERP Checker

SERP Checker, this tool will help you to check out the real-time SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of any keyword.
This will help you to find out which site is ranking in the top 10 with the number of backlinks to it.
But as a free version, it will share metrics of the top 3 sites only, but that is also very helpful for us.
 Visit/Use this Free SERP Checker Tool by Ahrefs (click here)

6. Keyword Rank Checker

This is also an amazing tool to check the rankings of your website’s particular page for a particular keyword.
You just need to type the keyword and enter your website domain next to it and then select the country for which you are looking for, and then just click on check ranking.
Then it will share the ranking of your site and also tell you the top 10 SERP results for that particular keyword.
 Visit/Use this Free Keyword Rank Checker Tool by Ahrefs (click here)

7. Keyword Difficulty Checker

Again another very useful tool, as when you enter your target keyword, then it will tell you that how many backlinks you will require to get into the top 10 positions of Google Search Results.
You just need to type the target keyword and then select the country for which you are looking for, and then just click on check difficulty. This tool will also share SERP results below the keyword difficulty.
Visit/Use this Free Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool by Ahrefs (click here)

8. Website Checker

This tool will share the SEO report of your website, you just need to enter the URL of your website and it will share your site’s –
Health Score: The overall performance of your website based on the number of errors.
Performance issues: How long your website takes to load, and if it’s slower than it should be.
Technical problems: If anything’s stopping your pages from appearing and ranking in search engines.
SEO errors: If you’re facing issues with missing meta tags, duplicate content, and more.
But to use this Website Checker tool, you need to Sign Up for Free.
Visit/Use this Free Website Checker Tool by Ahrefs (click here)
So, this was a short article on Free Ahrefs Tools which you can you for unlimited time, but do not click on Try For Free button otherwise, it will ask you for 7 days trial for $7. Just visit the link which I had shared above and use it unlimited times.
I hope this article was helpful to you, if you liked and found this helpful then do share it with your bloggers and web developer friends so that they also get benefit from it.
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