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How to Join Our Telegram Community

last updated by Shrey Kajaria on 27th July 2022.

Hello there,
I’m Shrey Kajaria, on behalf of every member of our group welcome you to BLOGGING RAPTOR’s Official Chat Group.

First of all let me clear you this group is only created for solving the doubts of the members, so just do that.

To keep the group free from scammers, spammers, and frauds. I had created some rules that every member, even admin, and owners need to follow, to stay in this group.


I will immediately remove/ban those users who are not following the below-mentioned rules.


  •  Help everyone in solving their doubts.
  •  Be genuine and kind to all members.
  •  If you join the group then please try to keep your name and username visible. I know many people doesn’t want to reveal their identities, but if you can that would be better.
  • Mono Links are allowed but do not spam.
  • If you see any spammers or scammers in group then do report then to admins. They will take actions.
  • Do NOT use abusive language in the group.
  • Do NOT share spammy links or messages.
  • NO personal promotion is allowed (links, banners, videos, services, buy or sell), except MONO links.
  • Do NOT share your fake screenshots or traffic reports in the group, regardless if you have any doubt related to it.

I know these rules are very strict, but to create a healthy and genuine community I have to do these.

⚠️ DVA Notice [Deal Via Admin]

Shrey Kajaria/Blogging Raptor doesn’t provide any DVA service & is not responsible for any DVA deals through this group members or admins. Do it at your own risk.

So, If you still want to join the BR Chat group with these rules, then you are most welcome.

But if not then seriously I don’t even care about it just stay away from this community

■ Let’s Build A Genuine Community & Grow Together


Shrey Kajaria

Owner & Founder of BloggingRaptor & RaptorKit