How to Select the Best Web Hosting for Your Website?

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By Shrey Kajaria

Selecting the best web hosting for your website is quite a difficult task nowadays, especially when thousands of web hosting providers are available.

It becomes more difficult for us when we see some reviews and ads from web hosting companies who claim that our hosting is the best, or we provide the best and affordable web hosting.

Also, many social media influencers promote the worst web hosting companies just to earn something from affiliate commissions, partnerships, and sponsorships.

So for us as a customer, it becomes very confusing about which one to choose.

But you don’t need to worry my friend, as I’m here to assist you and guide you on How to Select the Best Web Hosting for Your Website.

In this article, I will share some factors that you need to look for before selecting any web hosting plan.

I will also recommend one which fulfills all of these mentioned factors.

How to Select the Best Web Hosting for Your Website?

Your Website’s Requirements and Needs

It’s important to know the requirements of your website like:

Traffic Potential [Bandwidth]
RAM, CPU, and other required features.

For example, If I want to launch a course on “How to start a Blog“, it will consist of at least 10 videos and the file size of each video is 1 GB, then I need a web hosting plan that provides at least more than 15GB storage so that my website doesn’t;t get out of storage and it won’t affect my website’s speed or it’s performance.

Similarly, your website traffic potential, if you are starting a simple blog and you are expecting 100K visitors a month. So you need a hosting plan that can handle at least 110K visitors a month.

Also, if you purchase a hosting plan with a lot of resources and features but it’s not required for your website, then it means you are paying high charges for your web hosting, those features are a complete waste for your site because you’re not using it.

Pricing, Features and Guarantees

Talking about pricing, it must fall under your budget and I know you will choose accordingly, but you must also check the renewal charges of your web hosting plan.

Web hosting companies run various discount campaigns to attract and gain more customers at very low prices but then they charge almost 4 or 5 times renewal charges.

web hosting renewal price

So always look for the renewal charges with the current prices before selecting your web hosting plans.

Then talking about features, as we have discussed in the first factor regarding requirements now you have to check whether the hosting plan has all of those features or not, if yes then you can check other factors if not then find another hosting plan.

Next, we have to look at guarantees offered by web hosting companies like money-back guarantees and uptime guarantees.

It’s important to have at least a 30-day money-back guarantee then we need to look at the uptime guarantee by the company and choose a company that guarantees uptime of or above 99% if the services by the hosting company are not up to the mark then we can easily ask for our money back,

Customer Support

One of the most important factors before selecting any web hosting company is its customer support.

If you are reading this blog post then there’s a chance that you’re a beginner or intermediate in this field, and you might not have much coding knowledge or how to install WordPress in a subdomain or subdirectory, etc.

So if you face any issues regarding your website or hosting then you can contact the customer support team of the hosting company and they will assist you in fixing your issues.

Web hosting companies provide different types of support, but I will recommend you look for 24/7 live chat support to get your issues fixed quickly.

Backup & Security

Now backups are really important as you might delete any important file from your website and it’s possible that due to this, the website doesn’t work or open.

That’s why we need to choose a web hosting that provides daily or at least weekly backup service so that we can restore the website again.

Then comes the security part, in which the company should have malware scan and removal features to keep our website free from viruses and also website restoration if by chance our website gets hacked by someone, then the support team should help us to recover & get it back.

Server Locations or Data Centers

Data centers or Server locations also play an important role in determining the speed of your website.

Let’s say you have an e-commerce store and your target country is the USA or nearby countries, but your hosting server location is New Zealand, and your competitor’s server location is in the USA.

Then your website will load slowly as compared to your competitor as your competitor’s website server is close to your target audience’s region, and you also know that search engines prefer to rank fast-loading sites.

So it’s important to choose a web hosting company that has different server locations, especially in the country where you’re main target audience resides.

Server Speed

Well till now you found every factor is perfect with a hosting company, but if the server speed or server response time is slow then it’s completely wasted.

Obviously, if your server itself is slow, you won’t get the desired speed even after optimizing your site, which will result in low search engine rankings.

So server speed is also an important factor to determine before selecting any web hosting plan.

Different web hosting companies also allow you to ping test their servers to check the fastest and nearest server to you.

Existing Customer Reviews

The last factor you need to check before selecting any web hosting service is their customer reviews.

It’s important to know what the customers who are actually using the service of that company are saying about their services.

If the reviews are 4 or above out of 5, then the company is quite reliable and you can go with it. But I would suggest you choose a company which has a rating of 4.2 or above out of 5 stars for better service.

You can check company customer reviews on Google, YouTube, G2, Trustpilot, or HostAdvice to get a better view of the company.

So these are some factors that you need to keep in mind before selecting any web hosting plan.

Best Web Hosting According to These Factors

You can now select the best web hosting with this, but as I said I will recommend you the best web hosting by keeping these factors in mind which is Accuweb Hosting.

  • Your website requirements: It provides different types of web hosting like shared, cloud, VPS, Dedicated & Reseller web hosting with different plans so it can fulfill your website requirements.
accuweb hosting types
  • Pricing, Features & Guarantees: Its web hosting plans are affordable and feature-rich.
accuweb hosting features

The main thing is renewal charges that are quite affordable compared to other web hosting companies. As you can see the renewal charges are double but other web hosting services charge 4 or 5 times.

accuweb renewal charges

Then talking about guarantees it offers 99.9% uptime and 30-day money-back guarantees.

accuweb hosting guarantees
  • Customer Support: Now they have 24/7/365 live chat support along with an email support ticket system, then call support, knowledge base, etc. Which will be really helpful for you if you are a beginner.
accuweb customer support
  • Backup & Security: Talking about backup and security then they provide daily backups so that you can restore them whenever you want.
accuweb backup service

Then they also provide different security features to keep your website free and safe from viruses and hackers.

accuweb security features
  • Server Locations or Data Centers: This is also an important factor and Accuweb has overcome it by having various Server Locations or Data Centers all over the globe.
accuweb data centers
  • Server Speed: As I said server speed also plays an important role in a website’s search engine ranking then Accuweb has kept full transparency in sharing their server’s live speed, which you can check live on their website.
accuweb server speed test
  • Existing Customer Reviews: At last, you know customer reviews are also important, so they have shared them on their website too.
    They have a total of 1400+ customer reviews with an average of 4.5-star ratings out of 5.
accuweb hosting customer reviews

Overall, Accuweb Hosting can be the best web hosting option for you, and I have added below the best-discounted link for you to get the best available discount on Accuweb Hosting.

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Well, I’m recommending Accuweb hosting as it fulfills all of the above-mentioned criteria and helps you to make a quick decision. But you are free to choose the best one as I have already told you how you can select the best one for you!

Alright, I hope you found this article helpful and if yes then do share it with your friends if they are stuck in deciding the best web hosting plan or company for their website.