How to Create a Blog Post Outline with RankMath’s Content AI 2.0

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By Shrey Kajaria

Creating a blog post outline before writing a blog post is one of the best ways to organize your thoughts and improve your content.

A good outline ensures your post flows logically, covers all key points, and provides value for your readers.

Fortunately, RankMath’s new Content AI tool can automatically generate an optimized blog post outline for you in seconds.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of creating an outline, walk through how to use RankMath’s outline generator and provide tips for refining your outline into a high-quality blog post. Let’s get started!

Why Create a Blog Post Outline?

Taking the time to map out an outline prior to writing has numerous advantages:

Organize your Ideas Logically

An outline allows you to structure your points in a logical flow that makes sense. This creates a better experience for readers trying to digest your content. A solid outline prevents disjointed ideas and helps transition smoothly between topics.

Ensures You Cover All Key Points

The outlining process helps identify any knowledge gaps before you begin writing. This way you can fill in holes and research anything needed to cover the topic comprehensively. Readers will appreciate a post that provides complete information.

Improves Overall Structure and Flow

With an outline, you can step back and view the full picture to identify any structural issues with your post. You’ll be able to spot redundant sections, move things around, and recognize where transitions are needed. The result is a cohesive piece.

Saves Time Writing

When you already know the topics and points you need to cover, the actual writing process goes much faster. You won’t waste time figuring out what to include or get stuck with writer’s block. The outline gives you a plan to follow.



Results in Higher-Quality Content

All the previous benefits combined result in a more useful, engaging blog post. Taking the strategic approach of outlining always produces better content compared to writing on the fly without a roadmap.

Now that you’re convinced outlining is worthwhile, let’s look at how RankMath’s AI tool makes it fast and easy.


  1. RankMath Plugin must be installed on your website
  2. The RankMath plugin must be set up on your website
  3. You get very few credits in the free version, so it is recommended to use the pro version of the RankMath SEO Plugin

Step-by-Step Guide: How to use Content AI Outline Generator

1. Navigate to your WordPress Admin Dashboard

2. Click “Rank Math SEO”

rankmath seo plugin dashboard

3. Turn on the Content AI Module from the RankMath Wizard Panel

rankmath content AI

4. Click “Content AI” from sidebar

rankmath content AI

5. Click “Content Editor”

rankmath content AI dashboard

6. Click “AI Tools”

rankmath content AI tools

7. Click “Blog Post Outline”

rankmath content AI blog post outline tool

8. Enter your Article Idea in the “Topic” field.

rankmath content AI blog post outline topic

9. Enter the ideas of the article in the “Main points & ideas” field.

rankmath content AI blog post outline main points and ideas

10. Select the audience of the article

rankmath content AI blog post outline select audience

11. Enter your focus keyword in “Focus Keyword

rankmath content AI blog post outline add focus keyword

12. Select the Tone of the article

rankmath content AI blog post outline select tone

13. Select the Style of the article

rankmath content AI blog post outline select style

14. Select the Output Language of the article

rankmath content AI blog post outline select output language

16. Select the No. of Outputs.

rankmath content AI blog post outline select number of outputs

17. Click “Generate”

rankmath content AI blog post outline generate button

After the generation of your desired Outline.

18. Click here to copy the output.

rankmath content ai copy blog post outline

19. Click “Insert” to add it in your workspace

rankmath content AI blog post outline insert into post

20. From the Workspace, click “Create New Post” to create a New Post

rankmath content AI blog post outline, create new post

Optimizing and Finalizing Your Outline

RankMath’s AI provides an excellent starting point, but you’ll want to review and refine the outline before writing. Here are some tips:


Rearrange Points in a Logical Structure

Look at the flow of topics – does it progress in a way that makes sense? Move things around as needed. You may also combine related points under the same heading.

Add or Remove Ideas

If there are any ideas missing that need to be covered, add them where appropriate. On the flip side, remove any points that seem redundant or not essential to keep the outline focused.

Ensure It Answers Reader Questions

Review your outline from the reader’s perspective. Does it address any questions they would have about the topic? If not, fill in the gaps.

Create Section Headings

Turn ideas into section headings that provide a logical structure. This forms the basis for H2 and H3 tags when writing the post.

Aim for Smooth Transitions Between Sections

Your transitions between topics are what give a post flow. Look at each section and consider how to transition readers between ideas. This helps when writing segues between paragraphs.

Once you’re happy with the final outline, it’s time to turn it into an amazing blog post!

Transforming Your Outline into a Blog Post

With your outline completed, writing the blog post itself will go much smoother. Here are some tips for expanding an outline into a full piece of content:

Use the Outline as a Writing Guide

Keep the outline open as you write so you can follow along with the structure. Start with the intro, move through each section, and end with the conclusion.

Expand Each Point into a Full Paragraph

Take the ideas and topics in each section and develop them into paragraphs with 3-5 sentences. Provide context, data, examples, and additional details.

Add Data, Examples, Expert Opinions

Support your points with stats, specific use cases, expert perspectives, or relevant studies. This helps validate what you’re saying.

Insert Relevant Images, Graphics, Videos

Visual elements are crucial for breaking up walls of texts and engaging readers. Find creative ways to visualize the concepts covered.

Use Formatting Elements Like Headings, Lists, and Quotes

Format your post with H2/H3 tags for section headings, bullet/numbered lists for easy scanning, and quotes from influencers to build authority.

Link to External References

For any sources you cite, add hyperlinks so readers can dive deeper. This also improves authority by linking out to authority domains.

By following your outline, expanding on ideas, and adding compelling elements, you’ll end up with an informative post ready for publishing in no time!

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Creating an outline using RankMath’s AI outline generator is a great way to streamline your workflow and facilitate writing high-quality blog content. The main takeaways are:

  • Outlines help organize ideas logically, ensure you cover key points, and create an overall solid structure.
  • RankMath’s tool makes it fast and simple to generate a custom outline in just minutes.
  • Tweak the outline to optimize the structure and flow before writing.
  • Use the outline as a blueprint when writing your draft, expanding each point into a full paragraph.
  • Supplement the content with data, visuals, and formatting for the best results.

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