5 Best DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting Providers in 2024 [Tested]

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By Shrey Kajaria

In today’s speedy digital world, website owners and content creators are getting more curious about offshore hosting and DMCA-ignored VPS hosting. These hosting choices are getting super crucial for online freedom, privacy, and safety.

DMCA ignored VPS hosting, which is pretty much the same as offshore hosting, and gives website owners the freedom to post a wider variety of content without worrying about getting takedown notices or getting into legal trouble.

This freedom is especially important for dealing with controversial stuff like pirated stuff, adult content, and gambling sites. In some countries where they strictly enforce the DMCA, these things might not be protected by copyright.

The changing world of digital content and the shifting rules make offshore and DMCA-ignored VPS hosting a pretty attractive option for a lot of people.

These hosting choices are changing how we view our online presence and how we manage content, whether it’s for more privacy, freedom with content, or stronger security measures.

But, it’s important to know that using these services isn’t without its risks.

This article will cover the top 5 DMCA ignored VPS hosting providers, what factors to consider when picking one, and the good and bad sides of using this type of hosting.

Best DMCA-Ignored VPS Hosting or Best Offshore VPS Hosting Providers


Qloudhost is becoming well-known in DMCA ignored VPS hosting for its reliable and safe hosting solutions.

They have data centers in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. Qloudhost focuses on giving strong security features and making sure user privacy is a top priority. This makes it a great option for people who want DMCA ignored VPS hosting.

Qloudhost is part of Youstable Hostings, which is one of the top hosting providers worldwide. They’re famous for their excellent uptime, scoring a perfect 100% on tests. This shows just how dependable they are.

What makes Qloudhost special is its easy-to-use interface. Even people who are new to hosting can easily understand and manage it.

The company shows its dedication to customer service with its 24/7 live chat support, giving fast and effective answers to user questions.

Qloudhost Features:

Here are some of its best features:

  • 100% Uptime: Make sure your website is always available for visitors.
  • Complete DDoS Protection: Shields websites from dangerous DDoS attacks that could harm them.
  • Efficient Anti-Malware System: With firewalls that stop unauthorized access and online threats.
  • Daily Backup: Offers convenient and speedy options to recover data if something goes wrong.
  • Root Access: Gives total control over managing the server.

Qloudhost DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting Pricing:

Qloudhost offers various plan choices with a focus on being affordable. They even give a 14-day money-back guarantee, so users can try it out without any risk.

  • VPS Entry: $18.99/mo*
  • VPS Value: $46.99/mo*
  • VPS Business: $55.99/mo*
  • VPS Enterprise: $79.99/mo*

Qloudhost Pros and Cons


  • Respects user privacy with robust security features.
  • Offers a 14-day refund policy.
  • Provides multiple plan options to choose from.
  • Ensures excellent uptime and availability.
  • User-friendly interface for easy management.
  • Efficient customer support with various contact options.


  • Limited information is available on advanced hosting features.
  • Sometimes, the response time of customer support can be lengthy.
  • Potential additional costs for certain premium features.
  • Limited scalability options in basic plans.
  • Restricted resources in entry-level plans.
  • The setup process may be slightly complex for beginners.

Qloudhost Reviews:

People often suggest Qloudhost for hosting DMCA-ignored sites because they like its security, privacy, and easy-to-use interface. It has an overall rating of 4.4 stars on Trustpilot and 4.3 stars on HostAdvice.

Users like the speed and daily backup features because they help keep their data safe. However, some mention that the customer support responses can be slow at times, which they think could be better.


Ultahost has made a big name for itself in the web hosting world by focusing on performance and security. They serve a wide range of customers, from individual bloggers to big businesses, and are known for their dependable services.

They offer top-notch features like fast SSD servers, free website migration, and round-the-clock customer support. This makes Ultahost a solid choice for anyone looking for reliable DMCA-ignored VPS hosting.

What sets Ultahost apart is its commitment to transparency with no hidden fees and an easy-to-use interface.

Plus, their impressive customer support and founder-owned business model make them stand out as a user-friendly and trustworthy DMCA Ignored VPS hosting provider in a crowded market.

Ultahost Features:

Here are some of the key features offered by Ultahost:

  • Free Domain & SSL: You get a free domain and SSL certificate to kickstart your website’s security and identity.
  • Free Daily Backups & Migration: Your data is kept safe with free daily backups, and transferring your website is made easy with free migration services.
  • SSD Servers: Ultahost uses SSD servers, which means faster storage solutions for improved performance.
  • Real-Time Malware Protection: Your website is protected against online threats with real-time malware protection.
  • Multi-Panel Support: You have the flexibility to manage your website with support for multiple panels.

Ultahost DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting Pricing:

Ultahost offers competitive, transparent pricing starting at low monthly rates with discounts for yearly subscriptions, scalable options, and no hidden fees.

  • VPS Basic: $5.50/mo
  • VPS Business: $9.50/mo
  • VPS Professional: $16.50/mo
  • VPS Enterprise: $21.50/mo

Ultahost Pros and Cons:


  • No hidden fees.
  • Founder-owned, ensuring a personal commitment to service quality.
  • Impressive customer support.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Strong security features.
  • Freebies like domain and SSL, and website migration.


  • It’s not the cheapest option in the market.
  • Limited advanced features in basic plans.
  • Additional costs for some premium features.
  • Setup might be complex for beginners.
  • Limited options for specialized hosting needs.
  • Restricted scalability in lower-tier plans.

Ultahost Reviews:

People really like Ultahost because it’s easy to use and their services are top-notch. They’ve got a super high rating of 4.9 stars from 554 Hostadvice reviews, and 4.2 stars from over 200 Trustpilot reviews.

People often say good things about Ultahost. They like how well it works, the helpful customer service, and the DMCA ignored VPS hosting package. They’re really happy with how reliable and good quality the service is.


Shinjiru is a well-known offshore hosting company from Malaysia, starting back in 2000. They offer shared VPS, and dedicated server hosting mainly for people who care a lot about keeping their online stuff private and secure.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Shinjiru has a lot of customers, with over 40,000 around the world.

They focus on making sure everything they do is super anonymous and keeps your data really safe, right from when you register your domain to all the hosting stuff they help you with.

Shinjiru makes sure your stuff stays private and safe while offering lots of hosting options. This makes it a great choice for people and businesses who want secure and good DMCA ignored VPS hosting.

Shinjiru Features

Keeping Everything Super Secret and Safe: Making sure clients’ stuff stays confidential and secure all the time.

  • Almost Perfect Uptime Promise: Ensuring your website loads really fast, with data centers all over Southeast Asia and Europe.
  • Keeping Everything Super Secret and Safe: Making sure clients’ stuff stays confidential and secure all the time.
  • Full Protection Against Online Attacks: Using thousands of special servers and IP addresses, watched over 24/7 by experts.
  • Lots of Different Hosting Choices: From affordable shared hosting to top-notch business solutions.
  • Secret Ways to Pay: Letting you pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other safe methods for extra privacy.

Shinjiru DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting Pricing:

Shinjiru has lots of different plans to choose from, whether you’re just starting out or running a big company.

They’re really affordable and give you plenty of space and bandwidth, even on the cheaper plans.

  • VPS Basic: $11.90/mo
  • VPS Standard: $16.90/mo
  • VPS Pro: $24.90/mo
  • VPS Premium: $31.90/mo

Shinjiru Pros and Cons:


  • Strong focus on anonymity and data security.
  • High uptime guarantee with global data centers.
  • Robust anti-DDoS attack protection.
  • Wide range of hosting solutions to suit different needs.
  • Competitive pricing with generous resource allocations.
  • Multiple anonymous payment options are available.


  • Limited presence in the Americas and Oceania, potentially affecting latency.
  • Some plans may lack advanced features.
  • Might be complex for beginners to navigate.
  • Potential legal complexities due to offshore hosting.
  • Customization options may be limited in budget plans.
  • Support responses can vary depending on the complexity of the issues.

Shinjiru Reviews:

People really like Shinjiru because they have great customer support that’s available all the time. They also care a lot about keeping your stuff private and secure. They’ve got a rating of 4.1 stars on Trustpilot and 4.7 stars on HostAdvice.

Clients appreciate the reliability and the variety of DMCA ignored VPS hosting plans, though some note the need for improved features in the budget options.


Koddos is a top hosting provider known for its strong security against online threats. They’re experts at hosting websites that face medium to high risks, with advanced protection against DDoS attacks.

Their setup ensures your website stays up and running all the time without any interruptions.

Koddos has lots of hosting choices, like shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated server hosting. They’re focused on serving different types of customers who want their websites to be safe from cyber dangers while still running smoothly.

Koddos has servers all over the world, which helps them keep your website safe and running smoothly. They’re a top choice for people who want their hosting to be secure and dependable.

Koddos Features:

  • Quick DDoS Protection: Stops DDoS attacks fast so your website stays up.
  • Strong Storage: Keeps your data safe and makes your website faster.
  • Easy Dashboard: This makes it simple to manage your website.
  • Free Domain and Extras: Gives you more stuff with your hosting plan.
  • Great Customer Service: They’re always there to help you out and make sure you’re happy.

Koddos DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting Pricing:

  • Plan A: $9.99/mo
  • Plan B: $17.99/mo
  • Plan C: $24.99/mo
  • Plan D: $32.99/mo
  • Plan E: $59.99/mo

Koddos Pros and Cons:


  • High-quality storage solutions.
  • Fast and effective DDoS protection.
  • Intuitive client area for easy management.
  • Complimentary domain and other benefits.
  • Exceptional customer support.
  • Multiple hosting locations for global reach.


  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors.
  • Limited budget options for small-scale users.
  • Complex features might be challenging for beginners.
  • Additional costs for certain premium services.
  • Limited promotional offers.
  • Potential overkill for low-risk websites.

Koddos Reviews:

People really like Koddos because they have good security and customer support. They’ve got a rating of 4.6 stars on Hostadvice, which is pretty great.

However, some mention the higher cost as a consideration when choosing Koddos.


KnownSRV started back in 2013 and has become a trusted hosting provider in Europe. They focus on offshore hosting, which means they offer reliable hosting outside your home country.

They’ve got lots of services to choose from, like shared hosting, VPS hosting, and more. Their data centers are in good spots like Luxembourg and Romania, which helps keep your website running smoothly.

The company aims to offer flexible and strong hosting services while making sure customers are happy and can rely on them. That’s why they’re a great option for offshore hosting.

KnownSRV Features:

  • Always There to Help: Get assistance anytime you need it, day or night.
  • Great Prices for Hosting: They offer competitive prices for all their hosting plans.
  • Fast Storage for All Plans: Your website will be faster with SSD storage.
  • Easy Move for New Customers: They’ll help you move your website for free if you’re new.
  • Your Website’s Always Up: They promise your website will be available almost all the time.

KnownSRV DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting Pricing:

KnownSRV gives you cheap web hosting plans, and if you’re new, they’ll give you your money back within 30 days if you’re not happy.

  • VPS-V0: $9.95/mo
  • VPS-V1: $19.95/mo
  • VPS-V2: $29.95/mo
  • VPS-V3: $33.95/mo
  • VPS-V4: $59.95/mo
  • VPS-V5: $89.95/mo

KnownSRV Pros and Cons


  • Round-the-clock customer support.
  • Cost-effective hosting solutions.
  • Superior performance with SSD storage.
  • Hassle-free website migration service.
  • High uptime guarantee.
  • A comprehensive range of hosting services.


  • Conditions attached to the money-back offer.
  • Geographical limitation with servers only in Europe.
  • DDoS protection is limited to shared hosting plans.
  • Performance drops when accessed from non-European locations.
  • A more limited range of advanced features in basic plans.
  • Support response time is not instant, though industry standard.

KnownSRV Reviews:

People generally like KnownSRV, giving it a high rating of 4.7 stars on HostAdvice because it works well and customers are happy. But, the reviews on Trustpilot are a bit mixed.

Most customers like the cheap prices, the website being up all the time, and the helpful customer support. But some say there aren’t enough features and the servers aren’t in good locations.