5 Best VPS Hosting Providers in India 2024 (Ranked)

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By Shrey Kajaria

Here, in this article, we have listed the Best 5# VPS Hosting providers in India. 

This post also includes a list of the most reasonable VPS server hosting companies with data centers located in India, along with information on their main features, plans, and pricing.

Let’s Get started to see the facts about the Best VPS Hosting Providers in India.

What is VPS Hosting in India?

Exclusively for our readers, who have Zero idea about what VPS is.

VPS Hosting in India, Virtual Private Server, refers to the Data Servers in India that use Virtualization Technology to offer dedicated website resources like CPU, RAM, Network Bandwidth, and Storage (the resources that are required to upkeep your websites online 24/7) to the users of a data server. 

For those who know about web hosting services, VPS offers dedicated web resources to all the users of the same physical server. 

VPS hosting services are cheaper than dedicated server hosting services. (With VPS, you get all the advantages of Dedicated server hosting and Zero disadvantages of Shared hosting services at a very affordable price) 

Long Story short– VPS uses Virtualization technology to offer dedicated web resources to all the users using a server.

Best VPS Hosting in India 2024 

Now that you know what VPS hosting services are, Below, we have listed the 5 Best VPS Hosting in India, exclusively for you, with a detailed analysis of the key features, Plans, and Pricing Policy of VPS Hosting in India.


youstable website

YouStable, established in 2015, has been an ideal web hosting platform, having its roots and Data Centres in India. 

It provides VPS hosting services with the Latest upgraded SSD NVMe Storage, LiteSpeed WebServer Technology, Dedicated IPv4, and 1 weekly Snapshot for its potential users. 

Free SSLs for all your domains, Free Website Migration, a Free Control Panel, a 30-day MoneyBack Guarantee if you do not like the hosting services, and 24/7 Customer Care Support services to its clients are just a few of the Attractive Add-ons that YouStable offers to its potential users. 


Curious to know more about the VPS Server hosting features of YouStable? Go through the points below to make yourself aware of the specifications:

  • Grab a Minimum of 1 TB Bandwidth, 50GB NVMe SSD, and 4GB RAM with YouStable on your VPS server Hosting Services.  
  • Get Full Root Access to your VPS server and configure it as per the requirements of your website.
  • Enjoy phenomenal website speed with LiteSpeed web servers, which gives you an incredible hosting experience + Get the Highest Performance for your website with KVM Virtualization Technology.
  • Offers the Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology, that ensures quick website loading speed, thereby offering the lowest Latency as well.
  • Be assured of Privacy and Data Security with BitNinjaServer Technology and 1 Weekly Snapshot, as a Greater website requires greater Security.
  • Enjoy a Free User-Friendly Control Panel (cPanel/ DirectAdmin) to easily manage the affairs of the website without the requirement of any technical know-how. 
  • Allows you to monitor all the information on your website, ensuring seamless hosting services.
  • Get 99.95% Guaranteed Uptime to keep your website Online 24/7 with VPS hosting services from YouStable.
  • If you get entangled with a grave technical issue, you can get it sorted with 24/7 customer service via LiveChat, WhatsApp Support, Ticket Support, Email, and phone support.
  • Protects your website from malicious DDoS Attacks with the Latest Advanced DDoS Protection Mechanism.

Plans and Pricing 

The various plans of VPS server hosting and prices offered by YouStable are as follows:

Price and Plans CPUStorage Price per month
vStart (1TB Bandwidth)1 vCore CPU50GB SSD NVMe ₹574 per month
vStable (2.5TB Bandwidth)6 vCore CPU200GB SSD NVMe ₹2379 per month


fastcomet website

Desire Cloud VPS hosting services at a very fair rate? 

Then try using FastComet VPS hosting services that offer Regular backups + snapshots to recover the data of your server. Furthermore, it offers a minimum 50GB SSD NVMe storage and gets a cPanel for easy website configuration + 7 Days of money-back assistance as well.

FastComet even offers incredible security technology with a Web Application Firewall, IP reputation Guard, Malware protection, and Imunify360 as well.

Key features  

Craving to know the key features offered by FastComet to the VPS server users? Here are the specifications stated below:

  • DDoS Protection, Malware Protection, Imunify360, and IP reputation guard help to keep the VPS server secure and notify you in times of emergency.
  • Get a user-friendly cPanel for easy website configuration + completely scalable plans to easily upgrade and downgrade the web-related resources of the server.
  • Offers the latest SSD Storage technology for greater website speed, thereby ensuring the lowest latency to the visitors of the website.
  • Cloud VPS from FastComet is fully managed and helps users having Zero technical knowledge with Full Server Management.
  • Get Free website and server migration + Free SSLs for all your domains + Free CloudFlare integrated CDN and Free Offsite Backup for speedy data recovery.

Plans and Pricing 

The FastComet VPS Hosting Plans and its related Prices are tabled below as follows:

Price and Plans CPUStorage Price per month
Cloud#1 (2TB Bandwidth)1 vCore CPU50GB SSD NVMe ₹3830 per month
Cloud# (8TB Bandwidth)6 vCore CPU320GB SSD NVMe ₹8878 per month


bluehost website

Looking for a user-friendly and Secure VPS Hosting service? 

If so, then Bluehost holds a chance of being one of your Perfect choices as it offers one single Dashboard to configure all the web-related applications for your website, including high-performing SSD hard drives for enhancing the performance rate of the websites and a SiteLock to defend your website against attacks and malware. 

Bluehost is the perfect choice for web developers, designers, or server administrators, as it offers multi-server management and full root access as well.


Eager to learn about the specifics of BlueHost’s VPS Hosting Services? Go through the points listed below:

  • VPS servers are provided with high-performance SSD Hard Drives for the lightning speed of your website.
  • Highly Scalable, letting you scale the resources of the VPS as and when required due to the greater need of the website.
  • Offers cPanel (@ ₹1399 per month), along with one one-click installer, providing a user-friendly hosting atmosphere to the user.
  • Full root Access to your servers and multi-server management allows you to add more services to your account.
  • 99.95% of guaranteed uptime is assured by Bluehost thereby ensuring your near to Zero Downtime of your website.

Pricing and Plans

The Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans and its related Prices are tabled below as follows:

Price and Plans CPUStorage Price per month
Standard (1TB Bandwidth)2 vCore CPU30GB SSD ₹1649 per month
Ultimate (3TB Bandwidth)4 vCore CPU120GB SSD ₹3499 per month


A2 hosting website

Craving for VPS Hosting at 20X Speed? 

Here is A2Hosting, which not only has Fully managed VPS servers in India with 100% Free HostGuard Server Management for users having Zero Knowledge about website handling but also Seamless Dedicated resources providing a reliable, Safe and secure VPS hosting atmosphere. 

Moreover, NVMe SSD Storage Technology for the lowest loading time and full Root access to the servers, takes the hosting experience of the users to the next level.



Want to know more about the features of Fully managed VPS Hosting Services from A2Hositng? Go through the points listed below: 

  • Keep your website secure with Imunify360 Security Suite, a Free SSL certificate for your Domains and web application firewall (WAF).
  • The latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology provides you 20X faster storage, ensuring a rapid response time to your websites.
  • With A2Hosting, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee on cancellation of the VPS hosting services (offers a Risk-Free environment for the newbies)
  • Regarding Scalability, A2Hosting is one of the most Affordable VPS providers as a user can Scale the Resources (Upgrade and Downgrade) easily as per the needs of his website.
  • Get a Free, User-friendly cPanel, making VPS hosting easy + 24/7 Guru Support via  LiveChat & Ticket System for users who have no technical knowledge about website management.

Pricing and Plans

The Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting Packages offered by A2Hosting and their related price are provided as follows:

Price and Plans CPUStorage Price per month
Managed VPS (4TB Bandwidth)8 vCore CPU450 GB SSD NVMe ₹2078 per month
Unmanaged VPS (3TB Bandwidth)4 vCore CPU150 GB SSD NVMe ₹415 per month


hostwinds website

Ever heard of 99.9999% Guaranteed Uptime, Free website Transfer, enterprise-level FireWall, and SSD Storage technology + Snapshots for regular server monitoring? 

Here, we have HostWinds, which offers VPS hosting services with Nightly backups and enterprise-level web hardware for top-level functionality of your VPS server.

Moreover, Hostwinds also offers 24/7 Support services via LiveChat and the Ticket support system to resolve any technical issue due to server management and many more.

Key features  

The key specifications of VPS server hosting services offered by Hostwinds are given as follows:

  • Snapshots take a complete real-time backup of your VPS, and Nightly Backups are highly configurable as well. 
  • Get Enterprize level Firewall and round-the-clock server monitoring to detect any possible threats and malicious online danger to the server.
  • Offers the latest SSD Storage technology for greater website speed, thereby ensuring the lowest latency to the visitors of the website.
  • Get an incredible 99.9999% guaranteed uptime (only 31seconds of Possible downtime in the entire year)
  • Offers Load Balancer mechanism increasing the efficiency by assigning the traffic across multiple VPS servers.
  • VPS from Hostwinds is fully managed and helps users who have Zero technical knowledge with Full Server Management.
  • Instantly upgrade and downgrade the web resources of your Linux servers as per the requirement of your website.

Plans and Pricing 

The Hostwinds’ VPS Hosting Plans and its related Prices are tabled below as follows:

Price and Plans CPUStorage Price per month
Plan#1(1TB Bandwidth)1 vCore CPU30GB SSD NVMe ₹683.70 per month
Plan#2 (2TB Bandwidth)2 vCore CPU75GB SSD NVMe ₹2488 per month

FAQs Related to VPS Hosting

Which VPS Hosting offers affordable VPS servers in India?

Talking about affordable VPS servers in India, then Blindly go for YouStable, an ideal web hosting company that offers Free SSLs for all Domains, Free Website Migration, TopNotch Security to the data of your servers, and is powered by the Latest SSD Storage Technology for greater website speed.  

How to Know if a VPS Hosting Package is the Right Fit?

Make sure the following factors to know if a VPS hosting Package is the Right Fit:

  • Servers should be backed by Virtualization technology to offer you Dedicated web resources like CPU/ RAM/ Storage/ Bandwidth.
  • VPS servers should provide DDoS Protection, SSLs for all domains, BitNinja security, and a Dedicated IPv4 + Weekly Snapshot to ensure regular Server Monitoring.

The above-mentioned points are the basic features that one should look for before purchasing VPS hosting packages.

What is the cost of a VPS Hosting server?

The minimum cost of purchasing a VPS Hosting server in India is around ₹574 per month, Exclusively for you, in which you’ll be getting Advanced security services, Technology like SSD storage and CDN for greater data delivery and high website speed, and many more features as well. 

Which is the best cheap VPS hosting in India?

YouStable, with Advanced Security services, Greater Content Delivery, and TopNotch server management options, is the Best Cheap VPS hosting in India.

Why should I choose VPS Hosting over other hosting types?

VPS Hosting services offer dedicated web resources like CPU/ Bandwidth/ Storage to Upkeep your website on a shared server at a very affordable price, whereas, 

A dedicated server offers an entire physical server to one user at a higher price, and a shared server offers a server that is shared by other users with No dedicated web resources at all.

In this case, VPS Hosting gives you a special opportunity to use Dedicated web resources in a shared server using virtualization technology at a very cheap price.


Here, you’ll get a detailed review of the 5 Best VPS Hosting Providers in India. 

Read the basic characteristics and thoroughly review the plans and cost structure of every VPS hosting service available in India. 

StartUps, Web developers, SMBs, and enterprise level designers should carefully consider their website’s needs before selecting VPS Hosting Services in India.